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  • Kirk Delatte

Have Trouble Sleeping? CBD May Help!

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? It is reported that 75% of Americans have difficulty sleeping at least one night per week. Many turn to prescription sleep aids for relief, but much like pain medications, sleep aids can be dangerous and pose significant side effects. Many people have found pain relief in the form of cannabis products such as CBD Tinctures.

Scientists are finding that CBD appears to have a calming effect on the central nervous system. This could be a reason why people find relief using CBD to fall and stay asleep. Much like vitamins and medications, there is the question of…”how much is enough?” Is there such a thing as too much? Much like medications and vitamins, dosages vary from person to person. For this reason, dosages must be determined by the user and experimented with over time. Research suggests that a good starting point is 40mg of CBD per day. Another study found that a dosage of 160mg increased sleep duration. While that may seem like a lot of CBD for one day, the research shows that even daily doses of 1500mg of CBD have zero negative effects.

Should you try CBD to help with sleep?

Given that CBD is safe, non-addictive, and non-psychoactive, people suffering from difficulty sleeping should reach out to their doctor to determine whether or not they should try it.

Vital Body Restore:CBD Turmeric Tincture

Here at The Relaxation Company, we have Vital Body Restore: CBD + Tincture which is formulated with 1200mg of CBD broad spectrum hemp extract and Certified Organic Turmeric. Vital Body uses U.S. grown hemp which is pesticide, herbicide, and THC free. It is combined with organic turmeric, which helps lower inflammation, and a touch of stevia for a delicate, natural flavor.

Stop by The Relaxation Company to pick up a bottle of Vital Body Restore: CBD Turmeric Tincture so that those sleepless nights can turn into rest.

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