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Massage Therapy FAQs

How do I choose which massage is best for me?

The Relaxation Company offers many types of massages. The most common is a Swedish massage, which provides therapeutic techniques and relaxes the muscles and joints. Other popular types include Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Reflexology massages. Based on your concerns and troublesome areas, we can recommend what would be best for you. Do not hesitate to ask questions and voice your concerns.

When should I schedule a massage?

Regardless of when you schedule your massage, you should be well hydrated. Your daily schedule should allow for plenty relaxation after your massage is over. You also should not eat right before getting a massage.

Can I get a massage to help my medical condition?

You should always get approval from your doctor prior to getting a massage if you have any serious health conditions, have severe pain, are currently seeing a doctor for an injury, etc. Massages are known to be beneficial in easing migraines, helping with anxiety or lowering blood pressure. Massage has also been proven by medical experts to ease pain in patients with serious conditions. Remember, a doctor's approval is always necessary.

What should I expect during my appointment?

When you arrive, your therapist will bring you to the room your massage will take place in. The therapist will leave you in privacy to undress and get ready for your massage. You can remove or keep on as much clothing as you would like. You will be under sheets for your massage, and all body parts will be covered that are not currently being massaged.

The massage should not hurt, but please tell your therapist if you are uncomfortable. Communication with your therapist during the massage is very important. You should always leave feeling relaxed and feeling better that when you arrived.

Your therapist will not talk to you unless you engage in conversation. Some people chat with their therapist during the appointment, but some people prefer to relax and sleep. You should always tell your therapist if you do not like the music, if the temperature in the room needs to be adjusted or if you are uncomfortable.

It is normal to fall asleep during your happens more often than you think. If you do fall asleep during your massage, your therapist will wake you when the massage is over.

How should I feel after a massage?

You should feel better than when you arrived, relaxed and refreshed. It is common to feel slight soreness for 24-48 hours after getting a massage. If you have chronic pain, the pain will not be cured with one massage. It may take time to adjust the muscles and joints, but you should be back to normal soon. Discuss the frequency of future massages with your therapist.

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