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The Cryoskin Solution

The Cryoskin Solution

Are you dieting yet you still have that belly “pooch?” Are you exercising yet still not reaching your fitness goals? Many people have fatty areas that resist diet and exercise.The Relaxation Company at Pelican Point’s newest service, CRYOSKIN, can help. CRYOSKIN is revolutionizing the market of slimming and toning services with the latest technology from Italy. On average customers lose 2 inches over 10 sessions and many say they lose one-half inch or more in just the first session.

How Does Cryoskin Work?

Cryoskin uses a controlled combination of heat and sub-zero cooling to target and crystallize fat cells, while improving skin quality. Following the session, the crystallized fat cells are gradually removed from the lymphatic system. In the time following the session, remaining fat cells condense, reducing the fat layer. Fat layer reduction in a targeted area leads to an improvement in skin and decreases fat cells.

The session lasts about 30 minutes and is done manually through the use of the CRYOSKIN 3.0 Technology and a massage technique. It begins with heat and then a steady decrease in temperature for the sub-zero cold sequence. It is then finished with a warming sequence for comfort and increased circulation.

Why Use Cryoskin?

If you work hard to make the best of yourself and your body, then this is for you. CRYOSKIN helps reduce inches, smooth skin, and helps you look younger. Depending upon what you want to achieve, CRYOSKIN can be used in 3 modes.


CRYOSLIMMING can slim your stomach, legs, back, arms, and butt. We take measurements before and after so you can see the difference from session to session.


CRYOTONING is effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite and shaping those tough areas that diet and exercise just can not reach.


CRYOFACIALS can help improve your complexion, reduce pore size and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Is it Safe?

The sessions are very safe and non-invasive. Many clients visit us during their lunch break or immediately before a workout. There is no down-time after a session.

What are common results?

Research has shown customers lose an average of almost 2 inches over 10 sessions, and many people say that they start to see results after the first session.

How long do results last?

The results can last for years, but it is recommended to schedule 1-3 sessions every 6-8 months to maintain best results.

To learn more about our non-invasive services for slimming, toning, and skin tightening, using the CRYOSKIN 3.0 technology, visit our website, or call (225)725-4239 to book your FREE Consultation. Let us at TRC help you reach your body shaping and fitness goals.

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