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The Power Of Touch: Why Regular Massages Are Essential For Your Mind, Body & Spirit

By Jennifer Delatte

STRESS. The word itself conjures up feelings of tension and fear. Thoughts of schedules, appointments, after school activities, tests, health concerns, etc flood our brains multiple times a day. The mere thought of a stressor sends the heart into palpitations, speeding up blood flow, causing the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. Our bodies revert to “fight or flight” mode.

Some of us battle stress and anxiety on a daily basis. While certain medications out there are able to help reduce the symptoms of stress, it is we that need to take the crucial steps into wellness. One of the best things one can do to help combat stress is to get regular massages.

Massage has been around for thousands of years, with many countless benefits that some may not have known to be true. It is often perceived as a luxury, but in fact massage has many health benefits.

Massage helps to lower cortisol (stress hormones) levels, thereby promoting relaxation. Massage also increases seratonin and endorphins (happy hormones), thereby reducing symptoms of depression. Massage also improves circulation, reducing inflammation and pain. Massage is great for enhancing athletic performance and recovery. It is also good for helping support overall mental and emotional well-being.

When trying to find time in your life for regular massages, the first thing you should do is find a good reputable licensed massage therapist. Speak to them about your issues, and your goals. Let them know exactly what you want to gain out of regular therapy sessions. Work on getting yourself on a routine for your massage treatments. Try to schedule them on days that you know you have no other pressing engagements. Make sure your massage time is regarded as highly important and for you and you alone.

Carving out time for your wellness and stress relief is very rewarding and will help you both mentally and physically.

I encourage you to find your “forever” massage therapist and book your appointment as soon as you can. Begin the journey to wellness by making the call to The Relaxation Company at Pelican Point, at 225-725-4239. Mention this article and receive $5 off your next service.

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