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Topanga Scents

Ironed White Shirts

Imagine washing your clothes in the most luxurious scents, cleaning your house with a clean and fresh spray that smells amazing, and spraying your furniture with a long lasting scent that travels throughout your house...  

We are now offering products from Toganga Scents! We have several scents of laundry detergent, fabric spray and goat's milk lotion/soap in stock. Come in to smell the tester scents! If we do not have wht you are looking for in stock, visit our online website to purchase Topanga Scents products!

Bath Products (in-store only)

Luxury Bathroom

We carry locally handmade soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, etc. The long lasting aromas will not disappoint. No oily substances or harsh chemicals are used, which makes your experience much more enjoyable! Visit us in the very near future to smell the unforgettable aromas!

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Skincare Products (in-store only)


Take care of your skin all the time using the same trusted products we use for facials! Book an appointment with Gabrielle for a facial and skincare consultation prior to purchasing any products. She will give you a customized treatment plan and skincare regimen to follow at home. 

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