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Services Offered

Cancellation Policy: If a client must cancel a scheduled appointment, please do so 24 hours before scheduled appointment. If a client fails to cancel 24 hours before appointment, a credit card will be required to book all future appointments, and half the amount of the service will be charged upon booking all future appointments. 


Massage Therapy Services

Swedish Massage 

Relaxing massage which uses flowing strokes and techniques to Induce 

deep relaxation, relieve stress, and produce a sense of well-being. 

30 minutes - $50  |  60 minutes - $80

90 minutes - $100  | 120 minutes - $130

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure Massage techniques that work deep into muscle layers to loosen

and break up adhesions and restricted tissue. 

30 minutes - $65  |  60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $120  |  120 minutes - $155

Reflexology Massage

Highly relaxing and beneficial massage that uses pressure-point techniques on the feet and hands to aid in reducing inflammation and pain. Reflexology may also help with many other health conditions.

30 minutes - $50  |  60 minutes - $85

Hot Stone Massage

Relaxing massage using hot stones in addition to the therapist's techniques. This is done by placing the stones on the body while the therapist works on other areas of the body. The heat is both deeply relaxing and also allows tense muscles to become more pliable and easier to release. 

60 minutes - $90  |  90 minutes - $110

Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage

Ease your aching muscles and give yourself a much needed, nurturing massage with special attention given to areas affected by a mother's changing body, relieving discomfort and promoting circulation. Your baby gets the proper support with our large pregnancy pillow. Must be past your first trimester.

*Must receive approval from your OBGYN before getting a massage while pregnant.

60 minutes - $90

Raindrop Therapy Massage

A holistic way of treatment that uses essential oils to facilitate a detox of the body.

A complete emotional release of the mind, body and spirit.

60 minutes - $100

Organic Aromatherapy Scalp and Face Massage

The aromatherapy scalp and face massage is specifically designed to

reduce tension, increase circulation, restore energy and promote relaxation. 

*Coming Soon*

The TRC Experience

Exclusive to our spa, the TRC Experience is a 60 minute mental and physical reboot. Attention is focused on the scalp, hands and feet, followed by a relaxing back massage. An exfoliating back treatment using an essential oil infused aloe mask will be used. The massage will be finished up with hot towels. 

*Coming Soon*


A 3,000 year old ancient form of alternative medicine where cups are placed on the skin to create suction. Cupping is a great treatment for pain and inflammation. It also increases blood flow to stagnant areas of the muscle, which in turn facilitates a faster healing of the muscle.

30 minutes - $40

Chair Massage

Get the relaxation and relief of a massage with the ease of our chair setup

$1 per minute - *Up to 60 minutes

Custom Massage Add-Ons

Add some extra relaxation to any massage

  • Add-On: Aromatherapy - $15

  • Add-On: Cupping - $25

  • Add-On: Hot Stones - $20

Facials and Skincare Services

Basic Facial

Quick "pick me up" facial with customized products for your skin type

30 minutes - $70

Deep Cleansing Facial 

Complete facial customized for your skin type and skin needs

45 minutes - $85

Deluxe Facial

Complete, double cleansing facial customized for your skin type & skin needs.

Facial & décolleté massage included.

70 minutes - $100

Men's Facial

Quick customized facial for men

20 minutes - $50

Oxygen Infused Facial Treatment (Specialty Facial)

Customized, Oxygen infused facial treatment for instant results for any skin type! Oxygen treatments help restore balance to the skin, improves skin texture, energizes cellular metabolism and MUCH MORE! *Includes epi-planing. **Does not include facial or décolleté massage. 

60 minutes - $130

Brightening Chemical Peel (Specialty Facial)

Customized, double cleansing facial with Radiance peel and LED light included.

 $80 combo discount!

45 minutes - $140

Professional Chemical Peel Facial (Specialty Facial)

Customized, double cleansing facial with Professional peel and LED light included.

$70 combo discount!

45 minutes - $180

Facial Add-Ons

  • LED Light (10 minutes) - $25

  • Anti-pollution Mask (15 minutes) - $20

  • CryoAlgae Mask (15 minutes) - $20

Skincare Services (without Facials)

  • Radiance Chemical Peel *Peel only* (35 minutes) - $95

  • Professional Chemical Peel *Peel only* (35 minutes) - $125

  • Hand Treatment - $20

  • Foot Treatment - $20

Makeup Application

Starts at $65

*Price and duration vary based on needs of the client


Individual Services

Nose - $14

Eyebrows - $12

Lip - $10

Underarms - $26

Chin - $12

Cheeks - $18

Service Combinations

Chin + Cheeks - $28

Lip + Chin - $20

Eyebrows + Lip - $20

Cryoskin Services


CryoSlimming® uses cold temperatures to reduce inches. It is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. Don’t just take our word for it, see the results for yourself!

45 minutes

Single Session - $350

3 Session Pack - $945


With CryoToning®, there's finally a real, non-invasive solution to help you smooth your skin.

When diet and exercise aren't enough, Cryoskin will help you to achieve the look you've been striving for.

45 minutes

Single Session - $350

3 Session Pack - $945


CryoFacial uses cool temperatures to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .

A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.

45 minutes

Single Session - $225

Localized Cryotherapy- $45 per session

Helps to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation

Treatment areas include




-upper/lower back



Cryoskin Packages: 

Mommy Makeover or Daddy-Do-Over   $4,595

20 Cryoskin sessions total

(5 on Abs, 5 on Legs, 5 on Arms, 5 on Face/neck)

Estimated 15-20 weeks

Belly Blast   $1,325 

5 sessions on the abs only

Love Handle Hang Up   $2,595

10 sessions on Stomach and Love Handles

Brazilian Butt Lift    $1,295

5 Sessions toning total

(can be done over 5 weeks)

Arms Only- $1325

5 Sessions on the arms only

Legs Only-$1325

5 sessions on the legs only

Dynamic Duo (arms and legs combo)- $2,595

5 sessions on arms and 5 sessions on legs

The Fancy Facelift - $995

5 sessions on face and neck

Unlimited Makeover Membership

Unlimited Cryoskin (Toning, Facial, and Slimming) appointments each month (by appointment only). Must follow the Cryoskin health guidelines. Toning- Once every 7 days, Slimming- Once every 14 days, Facial- Once every 14 days.

$300 per month for 12 months

*Auto-drafted monthly

*Must sign a contract in-house

**Must follow all Cryoskin health guidelines

*$300 early termination fee

Why Cryoskin?

Listen as this Cryoskin customer shares her experiences! Take the step today to get the body you want.

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